What kind of mattress do you choose?

One of the things you have proposed this year was the change of bed – a bed of relatively large size 160 * 200, with the proper mattress that was bought many years ago, which was then a company known in the field, but now you do not even know if it still exists.

How old is the mattress changed?

Without being a specialist, you have been reading materials about mattresses lately, and my conclusion is that a mattress needs to be changed:

  • When showing signs of deterioration, dent,
  • When the users of the mattress wake up with back pain (something we found a few months ago)
  • At 6-7 years of purchase, for medium quality mattresses, not very expensive (the mattress we have at this time),
  • To 10 years and better in the case of expensive, quality mattresses, some of which are even guaranteed for such a long period,

What is the best mattress?

Everything depends on family or family, or even person to person, because, for example, you know that people who are used to sleeping on the back should think of a strong mattress, while those who sleep on one side, it would be good and a foam mattress with memory. At the mattress stores Denver you will have the best opportunities to buy something new.

There are several types of mattresses, each with its indications: spring mattresses (and here are bicon vehicle springs, wrapped, etc.), foam mattresses (which actually have a layer of foam over a hard, supportive layer), mattresses latex (natural or artificial). In fact, what you should first be interested in is whether we opt for a hard or soft mattress:

The hard / firm mattresses are those with spring and latex, their natural, but also the cheapest, polyurethane,

Soft mattresses are those with a layer of comfort, that memory foam.

Here are the models of mattresses that have attracted attention:

Mattress with individual springs and removable case – the pocket springs are currently the most modern version of the spring mattress, a mattress that has been treated against allergens and has a detachable cover, which you enjoy because you can take it periodically to cleaners.

It is the model closest to what we have now, and we have seen it have very good references. As a close variant, with a better price, but without removable case, we have this model.