Choose the best mattress for your needs

Sleep is one of the pleasures of life, at least for some people, and certainly a good night’s sleep is a must for all of us. Getting perfect sleep depends on several factors, one of which is the comfort of the mattress you rest on. So, what criteria do you need to meet your mattress to ensure optimum sleep conditions, and how do you choose it? Here are the criteria you should consider:

  • Distribute body weight proportionally, providing the conditions for a good relaxation;
  • The materials must be sufficiently elastic to fit the shape of the body and hold it in a correct position;
  • To last for years; Textiles used to ensure a high level of ventilation (favor air circulation and moisture removal), maintaining a dry and fresh environment for maximum comfort;
  • Materials from which it is designed to provide protection against mites, bacteria, mold.
  • The importance of a quality mattress for good sleep is also supported by physiotherapy and psychology specialists.

For those with a stressful living environment, fatigue, or a demanding job, rest is more important than training and diet. The mattress makes the difference between good-quality sleep and a nightmare night. A too strong mattress puts pressure on body support points (sacrum, shoulders, head) while a too soft mattress allows the trunk to “sink” by flexing the column in flexion. At the Arizona mattressstore near you will have the finest deals.

What is the first thing you check when you want to choose a quality mattress?

When you choose a mattress, you choose where you will spend a third of your life. Consider the mattress as an investment in your health. This is especially important for people with sleep or health problems. Check that the mattress was made of modern and environmentally friendly materials and has international certification for hygiene and safety.

How important is the mattress base material?

It is important not to harm and be environmentally sound. Avoid products of poor quality foam, will deform and will not provide the support required for the body if it is not durable. The most modern materials that make up mattresses are the most durable and are based on latex and polyurethane foam. The newest product is “memory foam”.

What does an orthopedic mattress mean and who is recommended?

The reference to mattresses is as follows:

  • Orthopedics – Support the column in the correct and natural position to facilitate the relaxation of the joints.
  • Anatomy – complete relaxation of the muscles for proper circulation.
  • Ergonomic – for optimal physical and emotional recovery.